Backup Power Generators

Power outages are the new normal in California. A standby generator can help.

Completely remove your dependence on the grid with a backup generator.

EPX Group provides quality installed backup generators, installation, and repair services to keep homes and business in California protected against power interruptions. Our generators ranging from 8 kW to 160 kW are top-of-the-line units that can offer power from a few days to several weeks after a blackout. Our technicians will start by examining your property and power consumption to determine how much energy your home or business uses so that we can recommend which unit is right for your needs. Contact us today to learn how you can install a backup generator for $0 down.

Residential Backup Generators

Residential Backup Generators

Our backup generators ensure interrupted power in your home, even during the most severe blackouts. EPX Group offers full service installation, best in class warranty, and lifetime support on all of our generators.

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Commercial Power Generators

Commercial backup generators are your double failsafe to protect your business against lost revenues and productivity downtime caused by power outtages. Our cost-effective backup generators will ensure uninterruptible power solutions.

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Generac Liquid Cooled Generator
Mobile Backup Generators

Temporary & Mobile Backup Generators

Take power wherever you need it! With our comprehensive line of mobile generators, your power goes wherever you go. Whether for construction projects, festivals, temporary sites, or emergencies, EPX Group can meet your organizations temporary and mobile power needs. 

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Off Grid Backup Generators

Combined with our solar panels and batteries, you’ll never run out of power no matter where you are or how long you stay, even in the most extreme conditions. EPX Group specialize in custom off-grid high output backup generators that’ll satisfy the energy needs of even the most remote locations.

Off Grid Backup Generators
Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our work, which is why we can offer the best warranty in the industry and lifetime support on all of our solar installations.

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EPX Group was formed by two engineers with an ambition to offer simple, effective, and affordable solutions to complex energy problems. Our core focus is on providing power generation, energy storage, and electric management systems for homeowners and businesses of all sizes. No project is too big or too small!

Our team of engineers, contractors, customer service specialists, and supplier-partners are on a journey to become the very best energy solutions providers and system integrators. EPX Group guarantees the success of every project.

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Power your entire home off the grid with our solar panels, storage batteries, and backup generators solutions.

Our custom energy solutions allow you to drive your business with more reliable, more sustainable, and more affordable power.

Mobile generators provide power for construction sites, broken generators, farms, festivals, & emergencies.

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Proactively maintain your generators and solar panels for optimal performance and equipment longevity.

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