Disconnect your community from the traditional grid and operate autonomously.

Microgrids are the ultimate autonomous energy systems.

A microgrid can break off from your city’s energy grid and operate completely on its own using internal energy generation. Microgrids are the ultimate autonomous energy system during storms and power outages. Your EPX solar panels, batteries, and backup generators can power your community by connecting together to form your very own microgrid. Every new construction housing development should be connected through an internal microgrid. Contact us today to learn how we can work with your community to create your own microgrid.

Microgrids Local

Connecting Local

Microgrids generate power close to the homes and businesses it serves. This type of localized system overcomes the inefficiency of traditional centralized grids that push electricity from power plants over long distances via transmission and distribution lines.

Independent Energy

Microgrids can disconnect from the central grid and operate independently. This capability allows them to supply energy to their customers when a storm, natural disaster, or other issue causes an interruption in power. Microgrids help communities collectively escape grid failures without complete responsibiity falling on any individual home or business.

Microgrids Independent
Microgrids Intelligence

Intelligent Energy

Microgrids are controled by a central brain of the system which manages the solar panels, batteries, generators, and energy systems with a high degree of sophistication. The controller can increase or decrease any of the microgid’s resources to achieve the lowest prices, cleanest energy, and greatest reliability for its customers.

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